ELEMENTAL SKANSTE – the new identity and registered trademark of the extensive business centre project in Skanste

Patent office of the Republic of Latvia Department of trademarks and design has officially confirmed, that ELEMENTAL SKANSTE name and logo is recognized to be registered in the Republic of Latvia and belongs to SIA Kapitel. The trademark has been registered in the register of trademarks and information about the trademark is published in the official edition of Patent Board.


Kapitel, former E.L.L. Real Estate, is one of the largest real estate companies in the Baltics and in Latvia well recognized by Spice and Spice Home projects. Currently Kapitel branch in Latvia, SIA Kapitel is working intensively on the design of an ambitious, energy-efficient and sustainable A-class office building complex ELEMENTAL SKANSTE designed in accordance with BREEAM standards. This is also the first ever office building project in Latvia that has received a positive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Indrek Allmann, the Chartered Architect and Partner of Arhitektuuribüroo Pluss, comments: “ELEMENTAL SKANSTE is designed to be a landmark. Its iconic shape will be recognizable from the distance. Getting close, one can admire it’s precise detailing with an attention to comfort of the user. You can come by bicycle or by car – the building welcomes you equally. ELEMENTAL is designed to set a new standard in functionality through its complete lifespan. Details like high ceilings and raised floors for communications, together with low energy consumption allow users to develop their business with no spatial limitations. “

The new trademark ELEMENTAL SKANSTE symbolizes and stands for different elements of successful business and work-life balance. Flexibility is one of the most important things for longevity, positive experience of high-quality service and professionality, long lasting and sustainable thinking, already on strategic level prioritizing implementation and use of BIM solutions in the development and construction – these are just few of the cornerstones.


Andris Stankevics, the Board member and Technical director of SIA Kapitel is stating:
“We want to be sure that our activities have a long-term positive impact. Using both the experience of Estonian colleagues and exploring new solutions, we focus on strategic planning, sustainable values ​​in the construction process and financial benefits for reducing operating costs throughout the life of the building. Thinking carefully about the development of the project, taking care of the quality of life of the next generations, while at the same time not abandoning the conveniences of modern life, we will create a quality environment and a human-friendly living environment. “


As announced before, a building permit, issued by Riga City Construction Board, was received and is valid for the first building stage of the office complex on Skanstes Street 25. The design of the building was developed by the Estonian architecture company Arhitektuuribüroo Pluss in cooperation with its Latvian partner SIA Birojs T22. It is planned to start building in the autumn of 2018, and the first completed building of the office complex will be commissioned in the spring of 2020.


After completion of all building stages, ELEMENTAL SKANSTE will include five office buildings with the total area of offices for lease of 43 600 m2. The office complex will provide parking space for 1600 cars, in a multi-storey parking, and underground parking space of some buildings, providing a ratio of 1:27 (27 m2 of the area for lease per one parking lot). The office buildings will be energy efficient and sustainable Class A++ office buildings developed in the BIM system and in line with the BREEAM standards. Before development of the construction plan, in 2016 and 2017, a procedure of environmental impact assessment was conducted.